Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So the winters here and ive been bringing to a close lots of work ive been busy with since the summer!!
I started with a comic based on a dream i had a
long time ago, now over the years ive begun to value memories and dreams and seeing as i have lost a fair few through illness and rubbish, the fact this dream had stayed with me throughout brain damage and everything else, i thought it was worth developing into a proper format. And here it is!!

Ive worked with limited colour and printed my tale with a risograph printer, which have ink cartridges the size of small babies!! Was much quicker to work with than my earlier idea of screenprinting them all,
plus the overall look is near enough the same, everyones a winner!!

I also wanted to challenge myself with some dissemination using the same
visuals, so as merchandise for the comic i produced some tshirts, ( i may make bags too??) and tried my hand at an editorial too!!
Very busy me im sure you will agree!!

Untill next time peeps!! x lil x

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