Friday, 8 October 2010


Something i havent done for a long time?? paint or draw in public!! (except maybe doodling on the train) but last night i was given the opportunity to do some crazy doodles in a live art battle for the launch of "Blitz zine" a coventry based graphitti zine produced by the ace guys at BRING COLOUR.
The launch coincided with the opening of a new collection of street art prints on loan from the
V& A at the Herbert art gallery in my hometown of coventry.
So got to check out some OBEY and Jamie Hewlett, oh yer and some banksy's, as well as seeing some old faces, was cool to see some of the guys from uni too:)
Got to draw with my friend "pink rabbit" which i havent done for ages.
So all in all a megacool night:)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Find chaffy!!

So ive been mental busy with uni work over the last week or so and i havent been checking my webcomics like a should because i only just spotted this!!!
(go check it out)
I did this little comic panel for jamie smart a few weeks ago for his ongoingneverendingalwaysgettingaddedto Find chaffy webcomic!!

thankyou so very very much mr smart for letting me take part:)


Thursday, 30 September 2010

uni studies!!

well its been a while since i posted on this blog, ive been busy...... thats my excuse and im stickin' to it!! But I thought id post some of the work ive been doing at university , starting with these...
studies for graphic novels!!!
Its been awesome to get back to working in an area of illustration i love so much, and working through some of the more technical theories behind visual narratives!!
Anyone who knows me personally will know ive been fighting some demons, in regards to my health and trying to get back to how productive i used to be as an artist, which really isnt as easy as i thought it might be!!
But as i start my second year of uni, im feeling far more positive about developing and concentrating my efforts into specialized area. And really learning something this year:)