Friday, 11 May 2012

The building of things.....

These are the start of my staged photos!! more to come...

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lovely inspiration!!

A lot of my inspiration comes from music, this track is beautiful but look at the video!! Makes ma tiny eyes happy!!

scales and dollies....

The past few days have all been about refining my creatures and the evidence of their exsistance!!

Theres some experiments for the scales of a wyvern.

And some corn dollies, capturing the spirit of the corn harvest.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

But!! ive also been busy figuring out how i want my images to be built, so i had a go at encasing my illustrations in resin. Something ive done before , for etsy sales but not for this. It was nice to apply what i would usually use for making jewellery, and apply it to making a full illustration. I love the depth, i love how tactile it is,
maybe im comin over all "deep" and "feel-ly" mmmm...

So ive come , all to quickly to that time where im preparing for my final major project!! My last uni project ever!!!
Heres a few of my images ive been working on for my book.

Theres some
lovely handwritten typography!!

And heres some of the work ive been busy with today, making moths and butterflies from paper and card.....

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

So the winters here and ive been bringing to a close lots of work ive been busy with since the summer!!
I started with a comic based on a dream i had a
long time ago, now over the years ive begun to value memories and dreams and seeing as i have lost a fair few through illness and rubbish, the fact this dream had stayed with me throughout brain damage and everything else, i thought it was worth developing into a proper format. And here it is!!

Ive worked with limited colour and printed my tale with a risograph printer, which have ink cartridges the size of small babies!! Was much quicker to work with than my earlier idea of screenprinting them all,
plus the overall look is near enough the same, everyones a winner!!

I also wanted to challenge myself with some dissemination using the same
visuals, so as merchandise for the comic i produced some tshirts, ( i may make bags too??) and tried my hand at an editorial too!!
Very busy me im sure you will agree!!

Untill next time peeps!! x lil x

Friday, 8 October 2010


Something i havent done for a long time?? paint or draw in public!! (except maybe doodling on the train) but last night i was given the opportunity to do some crazy doodles in a live art battle for the launch of "Blitz zine" a coventry based graphitti zine produced by the ace guys at BRING COLOUR.
The launch coincided with the opening of a new collection of street art prints on loan from the
V& A at the Herbert art gallery in my hometown of coventry.
So got to check out some OBEY and Jamie Hewlett, oh yer and some banksy's, as well as seeing some old faces, was cool to see some of the guys from uni too:)
Got to draw with my friend "pink rabbit" which i havent done for ages.
So all in all a megacool night:)